Block On!

Color Blocking is so hot right now. This re-visited, (from the 60‘s mod-look to the 80’s neon days) and long lasting trend was all over the spring runways this year. Simply put, color blocking is combining blocks of color in an outfit. You can chose to do it with your tops, bottoms, handbags, shoes, dresses, fingernails, etc. This look is so wearable it would be a shame not to try. Glamour’s style tip is to stick to no more than three colors max to avoid the girly Rainbow Brite look. (Even through Ms. Brite was my fashion inspiration circa 1988). It’s clear that spring is all about having some fun.
So, where to begin? For starters, think about the Color Wheel. For those of you that had the pleasure of taking a Color Theory class, it’s a good time to apply all those hours of painting wheel after wheel into your wardrobe. The Color Wheel is a great guide for creating unique and fun color combinations.

Here are some ideas;
– Pair complementary colors (opposites on the color wheel) like fiery oranges with deep blues.
– Team colors that are next to each other on the wheel, i.e. yellow and green.
– Balance bold colors with a neutral partner like a taupe pair of shoes.
– Group colors of the same family, warm tones together and cool tones together. It will give you a harmonious look.
– To keep it simple, try different hues of the same color. An example would be sky blue, cobalt and navy.
– Not in a bright color mood? Gradation is key; light gray on top, dark gray bottoms, black shoes.
– Feeling bold? How about a lime green and salmon combination. Yep. You can do it.
– Tiffany blue and red-orange are awesome together. So are chocolate brown, coral and pink.
Block on baby!

Nectar Claremont

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