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Springing Into Spring- BTS

Spring is almost here and we could not be any more excited- our spring collection is one of our best yet! We have so much spring product, we decided to leak it out in three separate parts. The first part of our spring collection was launched this past Saturday to celebrate Nectar turning 7! It’s so wonderful to see all of our hard work finally paying off to bring our customers unique, new product, online. We cant help but boast about some of the people who helped make the first spring photo shoot absolutely AMAZING. Five women. Four weeks of planning. Three locations. And one photo shoot later. We are beyond grateful to have the opportunity to work with such talented young people <3


Jenny Megenney was the brilliant, free lance photographer behind this shoot. At only twenty one years old and filled with such talent and creativity, Jenny helped make our dream for this shoot come alive! There is nothing more exciting than working with a person who is passionate about what they do in life. Jenny’s passion for photography and love for people made us feel at ease trusting her with our vision for this shoot. Not only did she make us feel comfortable trusting her, but she made the model feel comfortable as well! This was our first time working with Jenny Megenney, but it certainly wont be the last. It was an honor to work with such a kind-hearted, skilled photographer. If you want to know more about Jenny and the work she does, here is a link to her website:


What’s a photo shoot without hair and makeup, right? We had the incredible opportunity of getting to work with one of the most talented cosmetologists in Redlands. Alexis Alvino-Wray, who is the junior creative director and co owner of The Rose of Sharon Salon, gifted us with her expertise in hair and makeup for the photo shoot. Comb in one hand and pink lipstick in the other, Alexis was more prepared than we could have ever imagined and we are so grateful for it. Styling hair and makeup is already difficult as it is, but we found that styling hair and makeup on the go is even harder! Alexis made it look easy and had our model shining in no time. With hair in place and makeup being touched up every few minutes, Alexis did an amazing job at keeping our model looking fresh and beautiful at all times. We are so thankful for her styling skills and eccentric personality that kept us smiling throughout the shoot. <3


These are just a couple of the five women that made this whole spring shoot successful. Special shout out to our lovely model, Emily Bergmann, for having such natural talent when placed in front of the camera. Another shoutout to our Nectar wardrobe stylists for putting together all of the fabulous outfits. We couldn’t have done it without you all! Now, lets spring into spring! <3 <3 <3








Simple and Sweet

With Valentines Day around the corner, every girls quest for the perfect date night outfit has begun. We all know finding an outfit for every day of the week is hard enough as it is, but finding an outfit for V-Day can definitely be a struggle. While trying to decide on an outfit to wear for this special day, a thought came to mind. Do men even care about the time and effort women put into picking outfits? Do they even care about womens fashion at all? We wanted to know the answers to these questions, because on this one day, looking good for your man is high on the priority list. That’s why we decided to take it to the streets and ask men about their thoughts on womens fashion.  Whatever your plans may be, we got you covered on outfit tips and no-go’s.




After asking around, we received insightful feedback on the styles men love to see on their woman, and things they absolutely can not stand. Out of around fifty men, more than half said they absolutely love the way sun dresses look. As Atmosphere would say, “every woman looks better in a sundress.” While sundresses are a highly loved style, high waisted anything and boyfriend jeans are definitely disliked by a good handful of the male population. The majority of men also wanted to emphasize that “simplicity is key.” As women, we sometimes feel the need to overdo our outfits when guys, on the other hand, are creatures of simplicity. If you want to please your man,  a sundress and a pair of cute little studded earrings will go a long way. I put together some outfit ideas that will have you adjusting your date night style from fancy and sexy to classy and simple. Not only can these looks be achieved easily, but they are a lot more comfortable than the skin tight dresses we’re normally used to for a night out.



The first outfit is a pretty little sundress with a fun baroque, floral pattern. I styled this dress with a pair of white flats to add to the feminine, cute-sy vibe. This outfit would be perfect for a fun picnic in the park or a romantic ice cream trip to the nearest A La Minute artisan ice cream parlor.


This next outfit is a simple ¾ sleeve black crop top styled with blue jean shorts. Because the clothing items in this outfit are pretty plain, I added a layered necklace and gold bracelets to give it a classier look. The pointed flats also add to the sophisticated feel. An outfit such as this would be your best bet for going out to sushi then catching a flick at the local Krikorian afterward.


The last outfit I chose was inspired by a response from one man in specific. He said, “I do enjoy going out to fancy dinners and such, but when a woman looks ready for an adventure, or to jump on the back of my motorcycle, I think that’s super attractive.” This outfit is cute yet versatile enough to be an outfit ready for adventure. This outfit is ideal for any occasion—from walking alongside the water of Newport to endless rounds of miniature golf at Fiesta Village; you’d be able to do it all. A lightweight flannel with a pair of white jeans, a black belt, and black sandals make for a go-to adventure time outfit—just be careful where you sit!


Good luck Nectarines! <3


Xoxo Krystal


Marsala Love


Pantone’s color of the year for 2015 is a beautiful wine shade that is bound to bring warmth to your eyes.. and closet. It is a color that does not fail to flatter almost any skin tone and any hair hue. Marsala is an easy color to style and incorporate into all of your outfits for this year. Whether it be a simple ring or a shade of marsala lipstick, this color is bold enough to stand out yet subtle enough to blend in. Check out the ways we played with this lovely Marsala color here at Nectar. We definitely foresee this color becoming a huge phenomenon this year, so get with it and get toned! (with shades of marsala, of course.) marsala4KO3A2239.CR2KO3A2225.CR2KO3A2253.CR2KO3A2288.CR2KO3A2273.CR2


Nectar Clothing X Thrifts And Threads


Fashion blogger Brittany Xavier of Thrifts and Threads paid Nectar Clothing a visit in the ‘burbs to pick her fall favorites from our latest collection. Brittany has a unique style that highlights her taste for clean lines, structured layers and delicate details. She pulled together three head-to-toe looks that has us feeling some kind of way about a cool California Fall.

Complete looks available at 




Jacket: $56.99  Shoes: $28.99





nectarxbrittney-1200px-1061Top: $42.99  Pants: $42.99  Shoes: $39.99




nectarxbrittney-1200px-1066Sweater: $39.99  Pants: $46.99  Shoes: $28.99  Rings: $6.99

#SweetAsNectar Contest Rules


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