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So Long Summer, HELLO Fall!

Summer has passed and our favorite style season has finally arrived! Fall is the time for layers, knee high boots, and comfy sweaters. Sometimes the transition from summer to fall can be a tricky one- especially here in Southern California. No need to worry- we’re here to give you a few simple tips on what you can do to FALL up your outfit this season.



A long sleeved romper is probably the easiest transition option yet. Already fall colored, our Santa Fe romper is perfect for the girl who just doesn’t want to give up wearing shorts. With its lightweight material and intricate detail, this romper is our favorite piece online at the moment. To add more of a fall vibe, we styled it with black ankle booties and black sunnies to match.

Santa Fe Romper – $43

Without A Doubt Ankle Bootie – $39

Marina Sunnies – $15



Lightweight harem pants are definitely an essential for fall transitioning.  Not only are these pants absolutely adorable, but they are also the epitome of fashionable comfort. Styled with a simple tank and a black hat, these pants are a statement piece that can be worn to any date night or girls’ night out.

Buena Vista Floral Pant – $36.99

Covina Black Sandals – $18

Haylee Floppy Felt Hat – $33



Summer is over but that doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing your fave sundress! For this outfit, we styled one of our best selling dresses with a knit cardigan and a pair of cutout boots. The cardi is a good idea for the summer to fall transition because it is lightweight enough to keep you feeling fresh without feeling too heavy.

Creme of the Crop Knit Cardigan – $45

Perfect Shades of Grey Boot – $39

Midtown Manhattan Sundress – $31


A new season doesn’t have to mean an entirely new wardrobe. Use what you have and add some of the pieces we mentioned. You’ll be FALLing in no time. 😉
XOXO, Krystal
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Palm Trees & 80 Degrees

Sweet sweet California, oh how we love you so. California is a place where seasons are seen, pools are a plus, and clothes begin to minus in the summer time heat. Most of your summer outfits have probably consisted of a simple short and tank combo to keep your body feeling cool throughout the day. We know- it’s way too hot to even attempt to try finding something cuter to wear because you’re too focused on trying to survive walking across the street! Well, fret no more Nectarines. We are here to give you some advice on how to wear some of our favorite go-to items that will have you feeling summer time fine in no time.


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A crochet top with a solid colored bralette is definitely an essential for trips to the beach. Find similar items in stores.


Sometimes wearing jean shorts in the summer can be a very uncomfortable experience. These drawstring flowy shorts are the most breezy and cute bottoms to pair with any simple tee or tank. Find them at

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Personally, rompers are my favorite go to piece during the summer time. You don’t have to worry about styling too much because they are an entire outfit on their own! Rompers are cute, comfy, and allow for flexibility when you’re out and about adventuring.


Kimonos are a great layering piece for summer outfits- especially kimonos that are as beautifully detailed as our Steal the Show kimono available at Style over a dress or your favorite shorts and tank outfit for an extra flare.



Have fun styling and stay cool this summer, Nectarines! <3





Surprise, baby!

Mother Nectar may be expecting a baby, but she definitely wasn’t expecting her surprise baby shower this past Sunday! Friends, family, and Nectarines all gathered together on Sunday afternoon to surprise Tricia and her baby belly. And boy was she surprised! The baby shower was fiesta themed and had the cutest little decorative details, like the Corona bottles labeled “chiquita kelly.” Talk about adorable! From the exchanging of hugs to the exchanging of presents and everything in between, the baby shower was nothing short of perfection. We wanted to share with you some moments from this totally Pinterest worthy event <3 We can’t wait for the littlest Nectarine to arrive!


Mother Nectar and some of the Nectarines <3


With her oldest daughter, Hazel <3


Mother Nectar with friends and sister-in-law <3


Gifts on gifts!


What’s a baby shower without fun & games?!


All about the details… and food 😉




Such a fun time celebrating the woman who is constantly striving to make this company the best that it can be. We love you Mama Nectar and bebita kelly! <3




Let’s Get Graphic



If you’re ever having a hard time trying to find something to wear (cough cough everyday,) try adding to your graphic tee collection! Not only are graphic tees the most comfortable thing to live in all day, but they can be easily styled and layered. From simple wording to colorful pictures, graphic tees can vary and give you so many outfit options! Here are a few of our favorite graphic tees online and in stores right now.




So go shopping and get graphic! We promise you won’t regret it 😉





“I Got It From My Mama”

Remember when we were young girls and we would ravage through our mother’s closets to play dress up and find something we could make our own that day? Well, little did you know that’s where it all started. Our mother’s are the first and foremost women we look up to in life. They are everything from our role models to our best friends to our style critics. They are the only people that will be honest with you when something looks great, and they’ll be brutally honest when something doesn’t. (Thanks, Mama) Personally, I know my sense of style and passion for fashion has evolved from my moms own fashion taste. Shopping with my mom when I was younger made me appreciate her chic, yet comfortable style that totally suited her personality. My mom rarely goes for clothing that is trendy because she truly believes in her own unique taste. I began to shop according to what made me feel good, not only what made me look good. My mom has taught me that confidence comes from within and shines from the outside, regardless of what clothes you have on. She has definitely inspired me in my own style journey in so many ways. It’s kind of funny how now that we can fit into some of the same clothes, I find her sneaking into my closet and stealing my clothes! Ah, the irony of life.

My mom and I sharing our own personal style and a little more on how we inspire each other <3

Beatriz & Krystal Verdugo

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What about your daughter’s style inspires your style?

Everything! I love how she can make magic with styling. I love the clothes she buys, and I get compliments on my outfits whenever she styles me. 

When you sneak into your daughter’s closet, what is your go to piece to steal for the day?

Definitely a comfy sweater and her dresses.

What are your favorite places to shop at together?

Nectar, Macy’s, Victorias Secret


What about your mom’s style inspires your style?

I love that my mom always has some sort of jewelry on. Whether it be rings, or the necklace she wears everyday, it inspires me to wear more bling!

When you sneak into your mom’s closet, what is your go to piece to steal for the day?

I love stealing her cardigans. She has so many comfy ones and I am a sucker for comfy!

What are your favorite places to shop at together?

Hmm…thats a hard one 😉

A couple of our favorite mother and daughter customers sharing their style and how they inspire each other. Obviously they’re covered in Nectar (and Seed) from head to toe 😉

Felicia & Alexie Johnson <3

6 2lexlex217


What about your daughter’s style inspires your style?

My daughter’s style hasn’t only inspired me to dress a little more hip but also she pushes me with her authentic style to dress outside of the box while also still being casually comfortable.

When you sneak into your daughter’s closet, what is your go to piece to steal for the day?

The first thing I look at are the variety of sweaters and jackets she has because she is constantly adding to her collection, and I can’t forget her endless amount of accessories!

What are your favorite places to shop at together?

Our favorite shops would have to be Nectar, both Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack, and anywhere else that we can find the perfect pair of jeans.


What about your mom’s style inspires your style?

My mother’s style inspires me in so many more ways than one but mainly because she is so naturally beautiful that she can wear absolutely anything and look stylish. I can also trust her when she goes shopping without me that she will come home with something I will adore and most likely would have picked out myself. We have a very similar taste in style.

When you sneak into your mom’s closet, what is your go to piece to steal for the day?

When I sneak into her closet, which might I add is quite often, my go to piece would have to be her dresses and shoes. Even though we aren’t the same shoe size I always manage 😉

What are your favorite places to shop at together?

Apart from our absolute favorite place to drop money at, Nectar, I would say we both love Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters. 

Tiffany, Alyssa, & Jordin Lowes. Featuring baby Cadence, Alyssa’s daughter <3

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What about your daughters style inspires your style?

I love that both my girls have a style of their own, and they don’t care if I think they match or any one else for that matter. I love shopping with my girls and getting their opinion on my outfits.

When you sneak into your daughters closet, what is your go to piece to steal for the day?

I only wish I was as small as them so I could wear their clothes!

What are your favorite places to shop at together?

We actually love to shop at Nectar or Nordstrom. We all can always find something that we like!


What about your mom’s style inspires your style?

I would have to say her accessories and the way she always looks to put together.

When you sneak into your mom’s closet, what is your go to piece to steal for the day?

My go to item in my mom’s closet would be a dress. She has a dress for every occasion… with matching shoes.

What are your favorite places to shop at together?

Our favorite places to shop together are obviously Nectar as well as stores out in LA.


What about your mom’s style inspires your style?

I love that my mom always matches. Even if it’s the little shoe lace color to her tiny colored necklace, she is always matching.

When you sneak into your mom’s closet, what is your go to piece to steal for the day?

I really wish I could fit into her shoes. I love her style and I hope one day my closet is as big as hers!

What are your favorite places to shop at together?

We really only shop at Nectar, but if we aren’t there we are at Nordstrom.

These mother daughter duos and trios look to each other for fashion advice quite often. Whether it be advice on gold or silver, heels or flats, or even just life advice, our moms are always going to be there to help us through difficult times. Thank you moms, for loving us and guiding us in life and fashion. Happy Mother’s Day to all the fashionista mama’s out there. We appreciate you!



Photos by Zak Kipp